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The three of us would like to thank you ever so much for all your help and advice in guiding us along the way with Alma's sleeping. The past weeks, since we last were in touch, have been great. Alma now sleeps through the night; she seems to want to go to bed in the evening and, even though she does wake up a few times, she has learnt the skill of falling back to sleep without our help. Just as we had hoped, and you had promised.... Thanks again, Amanda.

We first met Amanda in our birth preparation class and we fell in love straight away: her empathy, her non-judgment, her humor but most of all, her in-depth knowledge was clear from the beginning. When our twins were five months old and didn’t sleep at night, we knew straight away who to call. The situation wasn’t easy. We found ourselves waking up once an hour to put the pacifier back into their mouths. Not to mention, feeding them at 5am and the lack of routine during the day. In consultation with Amanda, we decided to wean them from the pacifiers. The process was not easy but it was worth every second. After a couple of days, the children started to sleep many more continuous hours and after three weeks, they slept from 6:30pm till 6:00am and so did we!!!!! We managed all of this without letting them scream in bed or leaving them alone and feeling guilty. Also, because they started sleeping at night, the daytime sleep fell into place. Since then, Amanda is available for any questions and responds immediately with thorough answers. We owe her our sanity. She gave us back our nights. We cannot recommend her highly enough.

I speak of you and think of you often, you are an angel sent to us from above. I can not thank you enough for having given me my life, my sanity-back. Again I really appreciate your patience and encouragement every step of the way. Thank you!

We would like to express our appreciation for your support and everything else during the labour and birth of our daughter. Experiencing everything for the first time, it was so comforting to know that we could call you and rely on your experience, and this gave us a lot of confidence before and during the process. In addition, this was a very intimate experience both physically and emotionally and you were there for us in both those capacities, willing to share and able to connect to us which was an invaluable source of strength. Thank you for meeting us where we were – assessing our needs and responding to them. Thank you for your input and for engaging the staff in order to try different ways to help our baby enter this world in the least strenuous way. We hope to hear and be able to share good things in the future.