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Amanda Goldman

Originally from Liverpool, England, I made aliyah in 1993 and now live in Jerusalem with my husband, Naftali and my three children, Noam, Maayan and Adi.

From a very young age, I knew I wanted to be in the field of health care. After the birth of my twins by Caesarean section, I knew I wanted to help other women have meaningful births, whether by caesarean section or natural birthing, at home or in hospital.

I studied to become a doula at Medicin, The School for Complementary Medicine, in Tel Aviv and then trained to become a childbirth educator with Childbirth International. I have taught hundreds of couples and attended hundreds of births.

When you have twins and live far away from the helping hands of grandparents, you make very sure that your children learn from a very young age to sleep through the night. When Adi came along seven years later (in a wonderful natural birth), we were a little older and a little more tired and this resulted in a child who woke up five times a night. Understanding the effect of sleep deprivation on family life, I attended the first Israeli course for sleep therapists at Babylink in Kfar Saba. Since then I am proud to say that I have helped hundreds of families achieve a full night’s sleep including my own.

What People are saying:

We would like to express our appreciation for your support and everything else during the labour and birth of our daughter. Experiencing everything for the first time........

The past weeks, since we last were in touch, have been great. Alma sleeps through the night; she seems to want to go to bed in the evening........

I speak of you and think of you often, you are an angel sent to us from above. I can not thank you enough for having given........