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Birth Preparation Classes

My classes in a very homely atmosphere will provide you with:

  • Information and tools to make informed decisions about the kind of birth you would like
  • Positions to facilitate the normal progress of labour and birth
  • Relaxation skills to use during labour and birth including breathing techniques
  • Massage techniques for your partner during labour
  • Communication skills for you and your partner to enable team work during labour
  • Information about the hospitals in Jerusalem and how the differences might influence your birth
  • Tips for facing and overcoming challenges
  • Breastfeeding
  • Preparation for the postpartum period, for being a family!!!


More about the Course: 


Making informed decisions about your birth:

We live in a world where information on every topic is readily available. It is this, together with lots of advice from well-meaning family, friends and even strangers (as birthing is a very emotive subject therefore most women are keen to share the details of their own births) which can make it difficult to work out our own thoughts and feelings. My classes will provide a quiet, informative and non-judgemental space to help guide you towards deciding the type of birth you want.  We will discuss the latest research on birthing and breastfeeding and you will have an open forum to ask any questions, so you will be able to make well informed decisions.


Birthing positions:

Throughout the classes, we will practice various positions to help you prepare for your birth and facilitate the normal progress of your labour and birth.


Breathing, relaxation and massage skills:

One of the simplest, yet most effective techniques for labour and birth is breathing. While a basic skill, used correctly, it can have a significant positive impact on your labour and birth. We will learn and practice various breathing techniques so you are fully prepared. Relaxation is also key during labour. The ability to relax in between contractions has been shown to help the progression of labour.  Both you and your birth partner will learn various techniques which can help all the way through labour, from the early stages, during contractions and in between. Counter pressure is a technique which is very effective in helping a birthing woman through a contraction. I will teach and guide the birth partners through various massage processes to enable them to support you as much as possible.


Communication skills during labour:

A woman in active labour prefers a quiet and calm environment. It is therefore very important to be able to work without words. During the classes, we discuss each aspect of the birthing process and the wishes of the birthing woman at each stage.  Discussing this in advance is important for the birth partner so they are confident with the level of support they are giving at each stage.


Information about the hospitals in Jerusalem:

As a veteran doula in Jerusalem, I spend a lot of time in the birthing rooms of all the Jerusalem hospitals. I am therefore well placed to help you understand the differences in the approaches of each labour ward and help you to decide which is most appropriate for your upcoming birth.


Facing and overcoming challenges:

While labour and childbirth are a normal, physiological process, things can come up during your time in hospital which you did not expect. We will discuss all of these options using evidenced based research to ensure you are aware of all of your options in the safest way possible for you and your baby.



We will discuss the advantages, disadvantages and challenges of breastfeeding and how you may be able to manage these. Breastfeeding is a personal decision and we will discuss your individual thoughts about it during our classes.  I will also show you various positions and techniques for successful breastfeeding.


Preparations for the Postpartum Period:

While having a baby is one of the most amazing events possible, it can also come with some challenges. We will explore the first few weeks after childbirth in an honest and straightforward way and discuss how you can make this period both manageable and enjoyable.